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About us

 Clias Limited underwent reorganization and embarked on a new beginning as "Clias Corporation" on 25th January 2008.
 It was all thanks to every one's warm encouragement and support that Clias managed to continue its business operations from the time of its establishment as Clias Limited in 2004 up until now. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to all of you who have helped in making this possible.
 Clias' business operations are separated and carried out in two major faculties: "Internet Business" and "Vehicle Exports".
 In the area of Internet Business, we have been focusing our efforts on the proposal of specialized advertisement for mobile internet and the promotion of system construction. Showing no signs of decline, the internet population continues to grow, and this phenomenon is attributed to the remarkable changes in internet media environment. Among them, mobile phone internet tools have been diversified; along with this diversification, markets have become more complicated and competitions have been intensified. Based on the professional experience acquired, Clias Corporation continues to provide cutting edge products and services that meet the demands of our clients.
 In February 2008, "Mobile Cube" - a specialized mobile Social Network Service(SNS) site containing new contents services was launched as a new project, and is receiving favorable comments from its users.
 The possibilities held by mobile internet are infinite. We will continue offering worthwhile deals to our users and clients through our services as well as providing service proposals that would help enriching the lives of mobile internet users.
 In regards to vehicle exports, we commit ourselves to respond promptly to the dynamic changes of international demands through close contacts with our clients. In Clias, purchase is assured through our company's own business channel and shipping procedures are carefully arranged to meet our clients' requests. Based on a relationship of mutual trust gained through our business activities, we, Clias Corporation, aim to continue serving the role as a bridge between Japan and overseas, and contribute to the betterment of societies by providing a more affluent and comfortable lifestyle to people around the world.

Clias Corporation CEO Yamafuku Kunikimi

Company profile

Company Name Clias Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
Nozaki 3-11-22, Mitaka-Shi, Tokyo 181-0014, Japan.

Tel +81-422-67-0579
Fax +81-422-67-0744
President & CEO Yamafuku Kunikimi
Date of Establishment 29th July, 2003
Our Business
Internet & Mobile Advertising Business
Internet & Mobile Media Business
Internet & Mobile Solution Business
Export of Used Passenger Cars, Four Wheel Drives
Export of Used Trucks (CBU・CKD)
Export of Used Construction Machineries
Export of New and Used Parts
Export of Used Tyres

Capital JPY10,000,000
Group Company
78 Co., Ltd.
KNY Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
KNY Autotech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.